Meet our Maryland Alpaca Farm Animals! Our Girls all have their own sweet personalities and are beautiful, fun and curious. They do not like to be petted; however, they want to be with you. They are our special friends and will stand by as your perfect guests for your wedding/event. Our daily call to the pasture fields is “Come ‘on Girls!” They make humming, clicking and hee-hawing sounds. Our Girls will roll around in the dirt and tend to play by chasing each other in a formation from time to time. Although they display gentle behavior, they do spit from time to time over their food.

KISSADEE: is a True Star and National Champion!  She is our “Leader of the Pack” and the Grandma.  She is our oldest alpaca (14yrs).  She is a has a beautiful rose color (light white/grayish) fleece and a beautiful face with some brownish markings including a heart shape marking on the back of her head.  She is a one sweet boss.  Kissadee is the grandma to cria Charlie (offspring: Indigo, cria Charlie’s father is Kissadee’s son).

KISSADEE’S AWARDS: Champion 2005 North American Alpaca Show Full Fleece Huacay, Champion 2005 Southeast Pennsylvania Select Alpaca Show, Champion 2005 Blue Ridge Alpaca Classic, Champion 2005, Champion 2005 Northern Illinois Alpaca Extravaganza Halter Class, Champion 2005 Appreciation Futurity, Champion 2005 Big E Champion, Champion 2005 SEPA, 3rd- 2005 PAOBA.

CHICORY:  is our youngest mom (3 yrs) and is a Shining Star and National Champion as well.  Chicory is a gorgeous complete Bay Black with the most beautiful dense fleece and beautiful batting eyelashes.  Chicory is our flirt!  She is a very friendly girl and loves to see everyday action on the farm.  She gave birth to Elmwood Farm’s first baby male cria and had baby Charlie in early May of 2018! Chicory and Charlie have participated in a few weddings.

CHICORY’S AWARDS: Reserve Champion, 2016 North American Alpaca Show Full Fleece Huacaya, Champion 2016 North American Expo, Champion 2015 Alpaca Extravaganza Fleece, Champion 2015 Empire Alpaca Extravaganza, 2nd Place 2105 AOA Nationals, 2nd Place, 2015 NEOBA, 2nd Place 2015 OABA, 3rd AOA 2015 National Fleece Show 2015.

SASSAFRAS: our second oldest (12 yrs), is a beautiful greyish white alpaca who loves to smile and show her funny teeth. She is a sweet and very attractive girl.  Sassy tends hangs out in the middle of the pack; however, she will jumps to the front of the pack when the food/treats come out.

SASSAFRAS’ AWARDS: Champion 2004 MaPaca Jubilee Grey Fleece, 3rd Place 2004 AOBA Nationals, Champion 2003 Grey Fleece Fall Fest, 2nd Place 2003 AOBA Nationals Grey Fleece.

MELODEE: our third oldest (9 yrs) and has a unique personality of her own.  She has a beautiful complete tan fleece and can wear the perfect comb-over like President Trump. Melodee tends to lead from behind and she has a feisty kick.  As a straight-shooter, Melodee always lets you know where she stands.

MELODEE’S AWARDS: Champion 2009 Mid America, 2nd 2009 Alpacapalooza, 2nd 2008 Alpacapalooza

SAPPHIRE: Is our cutie!  She is dainty and petite with beautiful dark brown fleece. Sapphire (5yrs) is our smallest alpaca in size due to a growth deficiency at birth; however, she is a tough girl and a very agile and fast.  Sapphire has the True Grit Award amongst our alpaca family. She has overcome her challenges and has thrived here at Elmwood.  Sapphire loves to play with cria, Charlie. Being a tad bit skeptical and skiddish towards people,  you will find her hiding behind the Boss, Kissadee.

Sailor Girl (tan) and Firecracker (medium brown) are wonderful alpacas that came to Elmwood in 2018 after their home farm was sold and they needed a new home.  Both girls have adjusted to their new alpaca family and have thrived here in the rich pastures. These two beautiful brown alpacas tend to stick together like sisters!

Chai Latte is an attractive, petite and cool looking girl.  Her name is perfect being a very light tan alpaca with some cool tan markings. Chai, as we call her, came to Elmwood at the same time with Ruby and Kat.

Kat is a pretty rose color gray alpaca who recently came along with Ruby from nearby farm, Gray Alpaca Company.  She is a tall girl and very easy going who just goes with the flow. She tends look for Ruby and keeps her space with Ruby.

Centerfold (6yrs) is a beautiful, sexy, cool all black alpaca who stands out in the pack due to her petite stature.  You will tend to see her eating grass alongside with Sapphire and our cria Charlie.

Charlie (Male Cria) is our youngest alpaca (1yr in May 2019) and an offspring of our oldest girl Kissadee.  Charlie is a handsome boy. He is the first baby born at Elmwood Farm by our Shining Star and National Champion,  Chicory along with his father, Indigo, who was a National Award Winning male from nearby farm, Gray Alpaca Company.  Charlie, like his mother, has a beautiful dense fleece and beautiful eyelashes. His fleece looks brown (like his father Indigo) on the outside; however, on the interior he has gorgeous complete Bay Black fleece like his momma, Chicory.  He is a very friendly and loves to see everyday action on the farm.  Charlie has participated in weddings with his momma.

More about Alpacas: Alpacas are New World camelids and look like small llamas or long-necked camels with no humps, especially when recently sheared. They have shaggy necks and camel-like faces with thick lips, pronounced noses, and long ears. Their large, expressive eyes seem to exhibit both wisdom and childlike curiosity. Easily domesticated, alpacas are friendly, gentle and curious. Alpacas were exported from Peru in the mid-1980s and have become a premier livestock in North America and abroad. In the United States, the national Alpaca Registry (ARI) was formed to ensure breed purity and high standards. Importation from South America is now closed. Each alpaca born in the US is blood-typed before registering. This practice helps keep our North American standards high, our animals healthy, and our breeding practices more focused on growing the best alpaca fiber (hypoallergenic and naturally fire resistant) in the world.